IMPORTANT NOTICE: is neither owned nor offered for sale by Princeton University or any of the many other educational institutions having Princeton Tigers as athletic mascot.


The website is FOR SALE!

Students and Alumni of a certain New Jersey University:

For one year's cost of attendance, the website can be yours.


Remember, you may be elite, but you are not unique.


There are lots of Princetons, and lots of Tigers, too.  But there is only one 

If you don't step up to the plate, could become the website of one of the many high schools named Princeton having Tigers as its team mascot.  


Those schools include:

Princeton High School in Princeton, IL

Princeton Community High School in Princeton, IN

Princeton High School in Princeton, MN

Princeton High School in Princeton, WI

Princeton High School in Princeton, WV


  This is a real and serious offer.  The transaction will be handled by, a pioneer in online escrow services.


First Come, First Served.  If you snooze, you lose.


Do it for Dear Old Princeton!


For inquiries, or to do the deal, please contact: