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Former President Obama obviously is very smart, is really articulate, and has a great family.   And, he has run an administration with no significant personal financial scandals.  Some think his administration deserves an "A."  But the American people have already made a very different judgment.  Despite his pleas to continue his legacy and his strong endorsement of one candidate, that candidate was defeated.  Another candidate, one who strongly criticized virtually all aspects of President Obama's foreign and domestic record, was elected by the American people.  And, that same election gave control of both the House and the Senate to a party that strongly opposed President Obama's actions. 

We plan to take a look around the world, asking a question like the one famously posed by Ronald Reagan, "Is the United States better off than it was eight years ago?"  We'll look at China (which is expanding its military and now claims a large swath of the South China Sea), North Korea (which is making increasingly hostile threats and appears close to developing an ICBM that can strike the US), Russia (which has invaded Ukraine, taken Crimea by force, and meddled in our election), the Mideast (which is in shambles, where crossed Red Lines don't matter, and where an American ambassador was killed), Iran (which has received over a billion dollars, is likely to continue to spread terrorism, and now has a path to develop nuclear weapons), and Israel (which has been condemned by the U.N., despite being a democratic ally in a hostile neighborhood).

We'll also look at the USA, where partisan bickering is at an all-time high, where gigantic deficits have become normal, where the IRS targeted political opponents, where opiod use has exploded, where (despite well publicized job gains) college graduates frequently still live with their parents, where policies have been made by executive order rather than legislation, where so-called sanctuary cities openly reject federal laws, and where seniors who "followed the rules" and saved for retirement have seen their savings depleted by prolonged low interest rates.

One final note:  You may be receiving frequent emails from an organization with a name similar to asking for contributions.  Those emails are NOT from us.  You may be interested to learn that, in 2016 (the last year the IRS Form-990 giving such information is currently readily available online), that organization paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for fundraising and at least six senior officers of that organization were each paid total compensation of over a hundred thousand dollars.